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Telephone service for family.

OPTIROAM - The unique set of telephone services for a dynamical and modern family which wishes to cut down the expenses on communication, but thus to communicate even more. You can freely communicate, even if members of your family are in other cities, the countries. On rest, on business trips you will be always accessible to the family.

  • Unique Roam Number allowing you to be in touch while roaming.
  • For you and your family Zero cost calls inside OPTIROAM network
  • Low cost local and international calls - You can call at any time with attractive rates on phone calls.
  • CallBack - best way to save money while trips.
  • While unavailability, free VoiceMail.
  • With SMS service you can easily send SMS from roaming with low cost.
  • Skype Gateway: unique service call to Skype users and receive calls from Skype to mobile handset OPTIROAM Skype.

OPTIROAM doing communication between members of Family maximally comfortable.

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