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About Project

OPTIROAM — Package of the basic telecommunication services with the uniform control system, intended for:

  • Mobile and Land Line telephony
  • Fax-to-mail
  • VoiceMail and autoattendant
  • Corporate email
  • Intelligent PhoneBook

OPTIROAM — The uniform technological tool for management of your basic communication channels.

  • Creation of own communication network with free calls inside
  • Simple redirector of calls
  • Automatic distribution of inbound telephone calls followed by advanced established tasks
  • Flexible quantity of extensions
  • Transparent billing system

OPTIROAM — It is the best way to optimise your communication expenses. It is does not matter where you are and way of your communication channel.

  • Free calls inside OPTIROAM network (even international calls)
  • Low tariffs for worldwide calls
  • The most economic mobile roaming
  • Easy Top-Up account service

OPTIROAM — Feel comfort everywhere with us

OPTIROAM Offers a full set of the basic telecommunication services for opening or improvement of work of office of an average or a small enterprise with a uniform control system and the options, as much as possible meeting requirements of your business

You have an opportunity to keep confidentiality of your location and your real telephone numbers, and connect additional necessary services in the future. Simplicity in circulation, reliability in operation, real economy on local, long-distance telecommunication — successful base to start and develop your business.

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