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Connect GTalk line

If you are user of Googlemail and frequently using GTalk IM service. You can easily be online for your buddies with our GTalk to SIM service. You need to enter your Google account login in format xxxx@gmail.com and password to start receive messages and voice calls to predefined mobile phone.

For add GTalk line

login to personal account


click Home

Quick Navigation

click Quick Navigation

Inbound Calls and Messages

click Inbound Calls and Messages

Connection to external providers

click Connection to external providers

click New line


select GTalk

fill all fields by instructions from GTalk necessarily the Google account, Password for registration and click Save.

Connection GTalk line

click Connect for manual connection line to DID service

click Yes for confirm


click Refresh for speed refresh colum Status


status line is Registered

Disconnect GTalk line

click Disconnect

click Yes for confirm


status line is Disconnected

click Edit for change information

Then use instruction of Global Divert, setup global call divert rules for incoming call.

Remove GTalk line

click Delete for full remove the line


click Yes for confirm delete


Is not support outgoing call via GTalk, using this connection.

The obtained data username and password for connection to the GTalk is used only for personal purposes of owner account of GTalk and are not available to staff personnel by OPTIROAM and to third party. The data is stored in and transmitted in encrypted form and can not be read.

For technical and communication failures on side of the GTalk, OPTIROAM is not be held liable.

For technical and communication failures on side of the OPTIROAM, GTalk is not be held liable.

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