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Sipdroid for Android

For connect IP phone via internet to OPTIROAM VoIP line, in your network internet must be support protocol sip and port 5060 and correct work of dns servers.

Download from the Google Play website or install it directly from the Google Play application or your device

click Google Play

click Search

enter sipdroid

click Sipdroid


click Accept

wait to complete installation

click Open

or click icon Sipdroid in Apps

click Setting

click SIP Account Line 1

click and enter Authorizathion Username, Password, Server or Proxy, parameters of connections for IP phone

check, internet connection through which allowed registration of SIP line

click Audio Codecs

check PCMA и PCMU

click Advanced Options

activate STUN Server

SIP is registered

go to the dialing, Back button, enter caller number, click Call

Parameters of connections for IP phone

Login to personal account

VoIP Lines

click VoIP Lines

click Edit

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