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Zoiper softphone desktop for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux

For connect IP phone via internet to OPTIROAM VoIP line, in your network internet must be support protocol sip and port 5060 and correct work of dns servers.

Download from website the Zoiper Classic, click Dowload for free and install

Start Zoiper

click icon Zoiper


click Option

Add new SIP account

click Add new SIP account


enter any Name, example line number

SIP line parameters

enter SIP line parameters Domain Hostname or IP (ping sip.optiroam.com), Username, Password from setting of VoIP Line (Step 4 Get SIP line parameters)

Audio codecs

click Audio codecs

select only these codecs

select only these Codecs

Show advanced options

click Show advanced options

STUN options

click STUN options

Server Hostname or IP

enter Server Hostname or IP (ping stun.optiroam.com)

for save click Ok


click Register


status is Ok (Registered) Zoiper is ready to call

enter Phone number in international format, example 420233374100, 74952502225, 442072292666, 12022985700


click Dial

Step 4 Get SIP line parameters

Login to personal account

VoIP Lines

click VoIP Lines

click Edit

SIP line parameters

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